If anyone gives even a cup of water to these little ones because he is my disciple,

I tell you the truth, he will certainly not lose his reward.”

Matthew 12:42

Mission Trip 2016

We had the opportunity to visit different villages and cities in Romania such as Pescari, Sibiu and Olanesti. By God’s grace we saw patients from long-term care facilities, orphanages, churches and various people in need of glasses. Totally, there were 1150 consultations, with 1350 prescription glasses and 650 sunglasses donated.

Mission Trip 2015

In June 2015 we were invited by one of the local churches to serve the people of Rosarito, Mexico. We had the opportunity to share the Gospel through the volunteers that came along us (Americans, Mexicans, Romanians) by distributing 700 pairs of glasses, 40 new frames to 800 patients.

Mission Trip 2014

The 2014 Romania mission trip took us to places that made us cherish even more the freedom and health found in Jesus Christ. We visited a couple of long-term care facilities in Branistea (Deva) and Hateg, a couple of penitentiaries in Cluj and Gherla, and Centrul Prefera Viata (Deva).  Totally there were 775 consulted patients.