If anyone gives even a cup of water to these little ones because he is my disciple,

I tell you the truth, he will certainly not lose his reward.”

Matthew 12:42

Mission Trip 2019

This year we went to Europe - Romania. We visited and set our clinic in Hidiselul de Sus (close to Oradea).

As in previous years, our team consisted of adult and young volunteers. This year they came from Romanian Baptist Church in Milwakie, Oregon. Together we performed eye exams on over 650 patients and dispensed about 800 pairs of prescription or reading glasses, as well as over 800 pairs of sunglasses. We treated many with dry eyes, allergies, glaucoma and infections.

Many New Testaments and hundreds of religious flyers were provided to our patients while waiting. Also over 200 gifts for children were donated.

We were asked, and provided, 125 pairs of reading glasses for those in need from Dej county.

Mission Trip 2018

We decided to set up our first medical clinic on the continent of Africa, in the fall of 2018. We chose Buyaga town in the Bulambuli district of Uganda. Our desire was to help the extremely needy people there, as well as Hannah Christian Aid which has a campground and a nice mission there.

Our team consisted of about 15 people from the United States and one from Romania. We performed eye exams on almost 1300 patients and dispensed about 1000 pairs of prescription or reading glasses, as well as over 850 pairs of sunglasses. We treated many with dry eyes, allergies and infections. We also saw many people blind from cataracts, including several kids under the age of 14 which were blind due to severe congenital cataracts.

We left a fully equipped eye exam lane standing for future clinics, as well as over 11,000 pairs of glasses. We are praying for equipment and finances for a future cataract clinic, so we can help the many blind kids and adults in that area.

Mission Trip 2017

The Mission Trip of 2017 was the most productive in numbers, by distributing 1450 pairs of glasses, 850 pairs of prescription sunglasses to more than 1300 patients. We also distributed over 1500 Bibles and religious reading materials to non-believers. Additionally we provided more than 250 pairs of reading glasses to a small church near Sibiu (Romania). In collaboration with the Churches from Cisnadie and Sibiu, Romania, we had the privilege of sharing the Gospel through the volunteers that came along us (Americans, Romanians).